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JK Sugar Mills is committed to implementing programs that enhance our environmental performance and contribute to the sustainability of the Pakistan Sugar Industry.

Environmental Policy

  1. Our Environmental Policy establishes guiding principles and commitments, including the following:
  2. Compliance with all relevant environmental legislation, policies, and codes of practice.
  3. Setting objectives and targets while measuring our performance.
  4. Maximizing the use and reuse of resources, waste, and energy.
  5. Implementing measures to reduce pollution and minimize impacts on the environment and the community.

Energy from Sugarcane

Consistent with our policy objectives more than 95% of the energy consumed by mills to process sugar cane is generated from bagasse, a fibrous waste by-product of the sugar cane crushing process. Considered a carbon neutral renewable source of energy it is fed into a biomass boiler to produce steam and electricity.

Mill Mud and Boiler Waste Resource Recovery

The boiler ash and mill mud produced from sugar cane by-products are recycled by incorporating them back into agricultural soils to provide valuable nutrients and improve the structure of soils. They are also used to make compost.

Environmental Monitoring

Environmental sampling and analysis are regularly conducted by the mills under environmental protection licenses, and reports are consistently updated and published here to comply with the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997.

Waste & Emission Monitoring Report 2022 (JK-1 Sugar Mill)
Environment Policy

Pollution Incident Response Management

Each site has a Pollution Incident Response Management Plan to assist in minimising the potential for harm in the event of a significant incident

Environmental Enquiries and Public Complaints

For environmental enquiries or complaints, please call the relevant site number below and leave your name, contact information and some details concerning your enquiry or complaint. A representative will be assigned to respond as soon as possible.

JK Unit-I: +92 337 7808396-7

JK Unit-II: +92 068 5707100